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I hope that you will understand my need to write again about the man of a great heart, who deserves to have much more texts as he has done more on improvement the status of PWDs than anyone in the state.

It is Mr. Slavkovic, president of Sombor municipality an if you read this article you fill find out why is he the man of honour.

Few days ago I spoke with Mr. Slavkovic about the cooperation with another municipality in order to support two PWDs to have their personal assistants.

- I will do what ever I can, he said, but than followed with another question – What will happened with our two users, whose personal assistants were financed through CIL project and Social Innovative Fund?

- Truly speaking I do not know – I said – CIL representatives have been trying for a while to find some more funds, but donor situations is not good as it was few years ago.

Some minutes after our conversation Mr. Slavkovic phoned me:

- Mirko, this man has understanding for PWDs and will support two personal assistants. We should just to write to them, but what about our two users?

And how we started cooperation with this open-hearted man?

Election campaign four years ago... one political party engaged me to organise meeting with presidental candidate and representatives of DPOs. I was afraid that people will said that they are „used“ for the campaign and after that they will be forgotten. But we all were so wrong. Mr. Slavkovic was present in every meeting, answered every question and done so much for his disabled citizens.

I remember that he was just the person who was guest in my show when PASS project started in Sombor establishing also CIL branch.

- What is actually personal assistance and what are their principles, asked he after the show and I tried to explain him shortly.

- That is terrific and we should support it here in Sombor, are there any other municipality that is doing the same, asked Mr. Slavkovic. I was afraid to tell him the truth but it was inevitably to say that we are the first.

- Doesn’t matter, we will be the first in the state and others could follow us.

Sombor was for a long time the only municipality who funded personal assistants.

That is the reason from the beginning of this article when I said that this man really did a lot for persons with disability. Beside personal assistant support I would like to add agency for working engagement and employment of PWDs, reconstruction of main street in town with line for blind people and sound trafficlights in whole town.

A lot of things were accomplish and it is clear why we are proud of this man.

A new elections passed and we are all a little bit dissapointed that Mr. Slavkovic was not nominated for any of lists and we could only hope that his accessor will have at least part of his wisdom and understanding.

Monday morning...on my mobile appears „Slavkovic“ identification.

- Mirko, come to me immediately, we find the solution for our two users and their personal assistants.

I was thinking for a long time about this man. I could write and write again but I would always come up to a story of Diogenes who lived in a barrel looking for a man with the lantern in his raised hand. Did he find him – probably not. We found the nam, that is obvious, but did we manage to keep him?

Mirko Erdelji