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Recently I have meat a nice couple, Tamara and Atila Gubic. They live in Novi Becej and both are persons with disabilities. They are godfather/mother of my personal assistan and we meat each other through Skype. Few days ago we mear each others in Sombor which is born town of Tamara They came with their four month son David, strong, cheerful and pleased boy! I asked them for interview for our CP magasine „Suncokret“. This little family could be a model for other persons with or without disabilities!

Q: Could you please tell us about your disabilities?

Atila: I have Cerebral Palsy.

Tamara: I do not know where I belong, but I was born without right leg and undevelop arm.

Q: Please tell us about your lives before meat each other? What was your spare time?

Atila: Pretty lonely , doing some computer things and lots of reading. All in all nothing much.

Tamara: I did not mind being alone. I read a lot and time passed quickly.

Q: Have you been in love before?

Atila: No

Tamara: No

Q: Did you plan or hope to be married one day?

Atila: I did, but from time to time it seemed that noone girl would like to marry me. But one Sombor girl appeared...

Tamara: I can tell that I did not plan to marry. I thought I will stay in Sombor forever, but suddenly on blueeye boy „spoiled“ my plans and here am I now in Novi Becej.

Q: Did you plan to widen your family?

Atila: Sometime.

Tamara: Not at all.

Q: How and where you meat each other? Have you been aware that you find Mr/Mrs. Right?

Atila and Tamara: In short... Our godmothers came to idea to introduce us and they exchange our mobile phone numbers. Message by message and we started to know each other. Than we e-mailed photographs and finally meat on some gathering in Curug. Atila has had to film all this event but when Tamara enter the premise no one exist in the whole world...Actually, thinking on that today it seemed like love in the first site.

Q: Was it hard to decide to start living together?

Atila and Tamara: It was not easy but we made an excellent choice.

Q: What was the reaction of your families and friends?

Atila and Tamara: They were pleased that we find each other...for good and worse.

Q: How you started? Did you have some obstacles?

Atila and Tamara: No obstacles and common life started at Atila's parents.

Q: What was the feeling knowing that you will become a parents?

Atila and Tamara: That was something that you could not describe, fear and joy, beauty and uncertainty.

Q: What was the labour? What was the feeling seeing your son for the first time?

Tamara: I have had a C section so I could not see him at once. But after that I was really excited holding him in my arms.

Atila: When I was told that tha mother and the child are fine I cried. I was excited and thankfull to God for that special joy and happiness!

Q: How you felt w for the first time?

Atila and Tamara: We did not notice that we were alone with our babe - it was so natural, and now we are fine.

Q: Do you have some support from family, friends, state?

Atila and Tamara: Our parents and families support us, as our friends, very little from the state.

Q: What are your future plans?

Atila and Tamara: To raise our son in a right way.

Q: Do you have some advise for young people with disabilitiy?!

Atila and Tamara: Look forward, do not surrend and fight for your image in a positive way. Do not warry on other peoples' oppinion on yourself.

After the conversation with those young people I felt joy and warmth in my heart meeting them. They remind me on enthusiasm, that I had being in their ages. I was thrilled with their courage to face with the problems, decision not to give up, and their faith and hope to show that dreams could become true. You should trust and fight.

Juliana Kocis