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PA training and December 3rd
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December 3rd in Sabac
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2018 International Day of Persons with Disabilities – IDPD
Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities More...
Training for persons with disability
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International Belgrade Book Fair
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PA Service in Leskovac too

City Council in Leskovac decided on its regular assembly on 30 of June that will finance four personal assistants for four physically disabled persons.

In spite financial difficulties Leskovac City again showed its sensibility for social inclusion of PWDs and become fifth city in Serbia (beside Sombor, Jagodina, Smederevo and Nis) who manage to provide funding for this support service for persons with disability.


 Leskovac Mayor mr. Slobodan Kocic initiated and organised a meeting „Coffee at...“ for representatives of NGOs and three Organisations of PWDs – Center for Independent Living Leskovac branch, Association of Dystrophics and Association of Paraplegics from Leskovac. Our colleague, wheelchair user, Svetislav Marjanovic who is member of City Council also attended the meeting.


We discussed maintaining cooperation between local authorities and NGOS and organisations of PWDs. There were open discussion between all participants and we all agreed that this meeting was extremely useful and the nexh host of the „Coffee at...“ will be Center for Independent Living-Leskovac Branch.


Municipal financing
At the end of 2007, CIL branch in Leskovac was included as a user of Leskovac municipal financing. First rate of funding arrived on our acconut this March. 
This means that beside financing one employee, administrative secretary, CIL Leskovac branch will also have covered part of other regular costs (electricity, phone...).


Registration of PWDs for free stocks in Leskovac

Center for Independent Living, Leskova branch, in agreement with Post Office Leskovac, organized on 21 of February 2008, registration of PWDs, wheelchair users for free stocks.
Association of Muscular Dystrophy hosted this activities in its premises.
Related to meeting, initiated by Gordana Rajkov and Ministry for Economy and Regional Development, in Belgrade some time ago, it has not been really hard to realise this activity.