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Balkans Independent Disability Framework

The regional project "Balkans Independent Disability Framework", which is supported by the European Commission - EC Enlargement program, conducts the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development (ACED) as a leading partner for activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Project partners within the region are in Serbia - Center for Independent Living (CIL), in Montenegro - the Association of Paraplegics of Montenegro (APMN) and in Macedonia Movement against disability (Polio Plus).

This is one-year project and its overall objective is to contribute to democratic stabilization and accession of Balkan EU countries through strengthening civil society participation in decision-making and political processes at all levels of government.

The specific objective of the project is to strengthen the operational capacity of the Balkan Independent network in the field of disability as an independent regional network of organizations of persons with disabilities established with the aim to promote and facilitate the inclusion of disability in policy and practice at national and regional level.