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New Public call for PA service
CIL Serbia and CIL Bor organised meeting More...
New training for PA
CIL Serbia provided three new training More...
New phase of project
After completing the first phase of the project More...
Closing Press Conference
ReLOaD program at its end and successful project implementation More...
Independent Living Day
ENIL published a guiding Manifesto with 4 key principles to realise Independent More...

Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion higher twice than EU average!

"Terminate poverty everywhere and in all forms" is the first goal of sustainable development, highlighted within the new global agenda for UN Sustainable Development until 2030.

In 2016, as initial year for development monitoring defined by the Sustainable Development Goals, there was 3.6% of the extremely poor in Serbia (persons with household consumption was at the level of 90% of the absolute poverty line), 7.3% of the poor according to the absolute poverty line consumption below the poverty line amounting to RSD 11,694), 25.4% were at risk of poverty, and 38.7% were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Both the risk of poverty and the risk of poverty and social exclusion have almost double the rate in Serbia than the average for EU members.

The groups which are at highest risk of poverty are unemployed persons, single parents, persons living alone, children and young people, Roma, internally displaced persons, persons with disability, old people without a pension. These are official statistics.

Report "Caution, poverty! - Monitoring the poverty within the UN Development Agenda until 2030, created by the European Network against Poverty - Serbia, monitors sustainable development goals through available official data.

The network reminds the public that Serbia was one of the most active countries in global consultations for defining the goals of sustainable development, and that even two years after the adoption of these goals, the Government of the Republic of Serbia did not adopt the specific national goals of sustainable development, nor the sub-targets related to poverty reduction.


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PA Training
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Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion higher twice than EU average!
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