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"Public sector for all citizens"

Project "Public sector for all citizens" is supported by the Office of Human and Minority Rights of Serbia within the program "Promotion of tolerance and equality in order to improve the position of vulnerable groups". This project is dedicated to improving the status of deaf and hard hearing people in public sector.

Project holder is City Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leskovac . Partner organizations which supported this project are Center for Independent Living Leskovac and Human Rights Committee Leskovac . Project "Public sector for all citizens", will be implemented during the period April - July of 2014 within the Jablanica district.

It will directly include 40 deaf people in the process of training material and will involve through training 200 persons employed in the public sector, directly. There will be also 300 indirectly trained persons using modern ICT tools for learning sign language. However, the impact of the project activities will be directed towards the whole community of deaf and hard of hearing persons and members of their immediate families, who will be performing daily tasks much easier . This process will be done through a number of workshops and lectures , and the key results of the project will be the prevention of discriminatory treatment of deaf and hard of hearing persons in the process of service delivery in the public sector , facilitated communication between the administration - deaf users and breaking personal and social prejudice to the deaf people .

One of the major changes that are expected to raise the level of knowledge is the entire community about the needs and problems of the deaf and hard of hearing people in everyday life and opportunities to improve their position .


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"Public sector for all citizens"

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