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PA training and December 3rd
CIL Sombor marked December 3rd More...
December 3rd in Sabac
Starting PA service in Sabac More...
2018 International Day of Persons with Disabilities – IDPD
Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities More...
Training for persons with disability
CIL Serbia organised training for PA users More...
International Belgrade Book Fair
Within the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair More...

International Day of PWDs

Austria: The Austrian National Council together with Light for the World will hold an event on Friday, 2 December 2011 at the Austrian Parliament focusing on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in development cooperation to mark the Day.
The panel discussion under the title “Development Cooperation – all inclusive?” Towards Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” will bring together experts on inclusive development from developing countries, Members of Parliament, the EC delegation in Austria, civil society organizations, media and government representatives. More information:

Canada: In the Region of Peel, Ontario, a complimentary Business Breakfast Symposium will be held at the Embassy Grand Convention Centre to provide the business community with tools and information to help implement inclusive and equal services for all customers. Local Government officials will speak on legislation and requirements, while others from the corporate sector will provide insight on making businesses more accessible for persons with disabilities. The event will conclude with a networking session and a trade show displaying information of resources available for businesses to help them comply with local disability legislation. More information: Tel: (905-791-7800);;

India: In the Churachandpur District of Maipur state, Government officials will conduct a sensitization and training programme for District Level Officers and community based organizations on national legislation, schemes and programmes for persons with disabilities. More information: Tel: +91-3874 236741;

New Zeland: The Wellington City Council in partnership with the Accessibility Advisory Group will launching the draft Accessibility Action Plan 2011-2014 at the Accessible Wellington Forum.  The Council will also conduct a range of activities to encourage a wider community involvement through an accessible consultation and engagement process. More information:;

United Kingdom: The Cottsway Housing in the West Oxfordshire District will hold an ‘Advisory Day’. Local and national service providers will on hand to answer questions on understanding benefits and available services for persons with disabilities and their carers. FREE head and feet massages, nail therapy sessions, arm chair exercises, refreshments and much more. Local shops will join in by providing refreshments and prizes for the free draw, as well as receive comments from shoppers with disabilities as to how they can work with them to make their shopping experience a pleasurable one.  

United States: Variety the Children’s Charity provides much needed assistance to children with mobility concerns. This year to commemorate the Day, Variety Tents in Los Angeles will provide children with disabilities a bike to fit their needs. The organization will also coordinate a nationwide effort to provide communities and local supporters with a practical way to improve accessibility and mobility for children with disabilities. More information:


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Combining the strengths: Jointly for political and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities - EIDHR
Combining the strengths: Jointly for political and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities - EIDHR
Combining the strengths: Jointly for political and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities - EIDHR
"Walk of Shame on 5 May" - Save the date
Autism Awareness
Donation of natural supplements
PROUD OF WHAT WE DO IN PAST 10 YEARS ( and a few more)
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Regional Balkan network of DPOs
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Breaking boundaries
HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - 10 December 2012
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Education for Personal Assistants
Recognize how your stories influence your experience
Fair of Civil Society Organisations
Europe 2020 Strategy

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