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International Day of Persons with Disability
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MD persons continue hunger strike

BANJALUKA – Employees in Institute for Dystrophics in Republic Srpska continue their hunger strike, second day in a row after the job cancellation received by temporary director.

They blame management for that bad situation.Drago Novakovic, resident’s representative told us that 23 severe disabled persons would not give up of their demands: all their colleagues that received job cancellation should be return to work, two disabled persons should be involved in bankruptcy group who will deal with the future issues and protect the rights of disabled workers.

Worker’s representatives showed yesterday the video from the last year, where Mr. Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister of Srpska Republic, promise them to help and solve this problem."We do not want to go out and disturb our citizens falling out of our wheelchairs. If we start to fall we will do it here in our Institute", said Novakovic.Most of the strikers are in really bad health condition due to Muscular Dystrophy and ER already visited them because of disturbed blood pressure and dizziness.

For the economically bad situation in Institute workers blame management that let for years the devastation of unique entrepreneurship of persons with disability."No matter of our education, we could not be in managerial position. Technical director came here 8 years ago because the director was his son in law", workers continue.

According to them there are three more persons, beside bankruptcy director, Head of law issues, Technical director and Head of commercial issues and all of them were involved in process of bacruptcy.Some of them terrorized and humiliated disabled workers, Neki od ovih rukovodećih, tvrde radnici, provode strahovladu u Zavodu maltretirajući i omalovažavajući radnike invalide.

Radovan Radulj, bankruptcy director did not want to comment anything. 


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