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My world has changed – two stories in one

My world has changed – two stories in one

Center "Living upright" is local non-governmental organization established 2002 in Novi Sad. It’s aims are: improving the quality of life of persons with disability enbaling them higher self-confidence, rising awareness of public and creation the accessible environment fo all citizens.

This summer, while we tried to discover what will be our future, we also belive and hope in new and good experiences, although not aware what this could be exactly.

Here is the beginning of our story from different angles:

Warm and smily facessuddenly appeared on my door and introduced me with the project Personal assistant – which Center „Living upright“ realised with the support of Center for Independent Living Serbia from belgrade. This pilot project for the first time started in Novi Sad. We were lucky and honored to become a part of this great team. That afternoon I did not realised all the great things that will happened to me. For the first time I was thinking about my life without support and help of my family. This project offered me a possibility to move away independently and create my new activities and possibilities.

Other door was opened for finding a job opportynity through INFOSTUD agency. That was something so different from everything I faced until now. Everything was spontaneous, without tension, I was not fear for the first time from this new job although that was a quite hughe change in my life.

Our first meeting was in Center „Living upright“. Later on we agreed that the strongest impression was the first look and our smiles. We did not realise that this project will open to us this new world. We pass through everyday situations supporting each other, sometimes without real awareness on that. We learn to hear ourselves and others.

My first meeting with personal assistant pointed me the new dimension of independence. In spite my family and closest friend support, through this project I started to know the other dimension of the world around me – independence, to do something on my way, when and how I want that and the opportunity to fail and learn further on.

On the other hand, the first meeting with disability world showed me a dimension of capabitilities in spite of disabilities. I was caught in hughe energy of feith and fight in everyday activities. Each new day encourage me to do more for myself and I am actually very happy!

The time of changes and revelations has been started. Our message to others is – open your heart door and give your life chance to chage. Do not loose hope as one eye sight and smile could really change a lot!

Jelena Radovic i Tamara Ristivojevic


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